Friday, July 31, 2009

New Movie Releases for the Weekend of 7.31.09

1) Funny People

- a new Judd Apatow movie starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen. I mean the title says it all right- funny people acting funny. This one's about a comedian (Sandler), who finds out he's dying and desides to form a genuine friendship with a young up and coming stand-up comedian (Rogen). The trailers make this film look like a subversive comedy with heart, something that Apatow movies have always been best at.

2) Aliens in the Attic

- um, yeah, I'm not the target audience for this flick and neither are you. This one's about a group of teenagers who must protect their vacation home from the aliens that have taken over the top floor of the dwelling. This really exists so just deal with it. I'm sure kids will love this although the trailers for this film do not look promising. And yes, the alien on the poster does look like Rambo and no I do not know why you should see this so stop asking.

3) Adam

- this romantic comedy about a young women who falls in love with her new neighbor, a shy and odd individual named Adam who turns out to have Asperger Syndrome, and their rocky relationship because of it. This film is good, I mean real good. If you're interested in seeing a romantic comedy with a lot of heart and a realistic take on love in this modern life in all it's forms, then yeah, check out Adam. You won't regret it.

4) The Cove

- check out the quote in the middle of the poster for this movie. Go ahead, I'll wait... Yes your mind has just been blown because yes the quote does indeed say, "a cross between Flipper and the Bourne Identity." Frankly I've seen the quote numerous times and every time I see it I have to turn away for fear my mind will shatter from its awesomeness. This documentary is about a group of activists who travel to Japan and find shocking animal abuse and health violations in regards to the countries whaling practices. It's a heartbreaking topic, but well, all I can think of are dolphins jumping out of the water going all hyper realistic action like from the Bourne series of films.

5) The Collector

- from the writer of the Feast films and the latter half of the Saw series comes this new horror franchise waiting to happen about a man who decides to rob a house but finds it booby trapped with the family still inside. It's his turn to act the hero and solve the puzzle of the traps or everyone dies. Yeah it's just a variation of the Saw movies but well, it’s THE COLLECTOR. Still, looks like it could be mindless fun, so... yay?

6) Thirst

- from the Korean director of Old Boy and the Sympathy films, comes this new film about a priest who contracts the vampire virus and the strain it puts on his faith as he battles his newfound desires for blood and sex. This won the grand jury prize when it premiered at this years Cannes, and well I've seen this and well, people seemed to like it at the screening but yeah, I'm stumbling here because I don't even know what to say about this movie. Is it beautiful? Yes. Is it any good? Very debatable, but for Greg and I, hell no. Still check this out in very limited release- I think it's only playing in NY for now.

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