Monday, July 13, 2009

Episode 38: Bruno

Hello there and welcome to the 38th episode of the Cinema Cafe Podcast: the new weekly film podcast by the fans, for the fans. Join us each week as we review new movies releases, look at some dvd's, talk some film news and share our general love for all things cinema. The main goal is to have some fun and hopefully provide the listener with some helpful insight. We are back and the podcasting world is alight once again. This week we have a treat: a look at 1 movie that has been recently released, as well as a quick look at a few other films. With that said here's a look at what we discuss on this weeks podcast:

* Bruno
* A quick look at Sam Raimi's return to his horror roots with 2009's Drag Me To Hell, and of the tagline they made into a chick flick with 2009's He's Just Not That Into You, and finally of the 2008 re imagining of a classic samurai franchise in, Ichi
* DVD Review of the 1996 teen comedy that you perhaps can wait to see in, Can't Hardly Wait
* Upcoming movie releases for the weekend of 7.17.09

Also, film news and more, only on the Cinema Cafe Podcast. We hope you enjoy and happy movie watching.

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