Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Movie Talkback - The New Captain America Is...

... Chris "I'm in every comic book movie" Evans. The wait is finally over, the speculation has stopped and Chris Evans stands supreme over dozens of would-be actors who were in the running to play America's favorite super-hero, Captain America. Here's a taste: Evans beat out The Office's John Kransinski, Friday Night Light's Scott Porter, Cruel Intention's Ryan Phillippe, Gossip Girl's Chance Crawford, and many more including Step Up's Channing Tatum. Some good choices, some not so good, but in the end I think the best man won. Channing Tatum looks most like a young Captain America, but he can't act his way off of The Streets.

Evans has signed a 9-picture deal which will of course start with the upcoming 2011 The First Avenger: Captain America, and include I'm sure, sequels and many cameo's in other Marvel movies.

So what does everyone think of the news? Frankly, more than any other actor I can think of, Chris Evans can really be called a comic book actor: Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four (Marvel) movies, Jensen in the upcoming The Losers (Vertig0), Nick Gant in Push (Wildstorm), the voice of Casey Jones in TMNT (Mirage Studios), and of course Lucas Lee in the upcoming Scott Pilgram vs. the World (Oni Press). So yeah, wow, a lot of comic book movies. As it is now, it'll be a shock to watch a comic book adaptation with him not starring in it. He's a fine actor and I really liked him in Danny Boyle's Sunshine, but this may all be too much. From what I've heard, he was hesitant to take on the role Captain America, not only because of the Marvel pay-scale (300,000 a picture) but also because he didn't want to be typecasted, but yeah, too late for that now.

Anyway, this is big news and a coup for Mr. Evans. So congrats. You have huge shoes to fill, and this is one comic character that needs to feel overpowering and patriotic. Let us hope you're up to the job.

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