Friday, March 5, 2010

Fantastic Short Film Friday - A Matter of Loaf and Death (animated)

And here we are with our final installment showcasing the 5 animated shorts nominated for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards and damn if it's not a doozy. A 29-minute "short" by Nick Park, this week we take a look at A Matter of Loaf and Death the fourth short of Nick's to star the amazing clay-animated British creations, Wallace and Gromit. Here's the synopsis:

Wallace and Gromit startbusiness. Gromit learns that bakers have been mysteriously disappearing, and tries to solve the case before Wallace ends up a victim himself. This short introduces a new love interest for Wallace, Piella Bakewell, a bread enthusiast as well as, for the first time, one for Gromit: Piella's dog Fluffles.

Frankly while I did find the short very interesting and entertaining, like all the other Wallace and Gromit films, it lacked the ingenuity and creativity that the original shorts had. However it makes up for it in charm, especially when it comes to the new love of Gromit's.

So looking back at all the 5 animated shorts, they were all interesting, however there were 3 standouts for me. While my favorite one was the Spanish short, The Lady and the Reaper the one's that I think have the best chance are this short and Logorama. While I wasn't entertained as most seem to be with Logorama, I do appreciate how amazingly complicated and insane it must have been to make it, and it's because of how creative the short was that I think Logorama will walk away with the Oscar this year.

What does everyone else think? What are your favorites? I want to thank everyone for joining me on this journey as we took a look at all the nominees and I'll be back next week with a fresh look (probably live-action) for everyone's weekly dose of Fantastic Short Film Friday.

Since A Matter of Loaf and Death is not on youtube, I have no way to embed it, so here's the same link I used to check out the short. Enjoy.

Watch it: here

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