Friday, August 7, 2009

What I Think Of: A Perfect Getaway (2009)

Josh and I managed to catch a free screening of this movie on Thursday, about 3 couples in Hawaii who might have a killer among them who kills other couples. Now, Hawaii may indeed be the perfect getaway, but this movie most certainly was not. It's more like going on vacation and having it torrential downpour every day until you leave. In this particular getaway, the dark clouds are the story, and the torrential downpour is the dialog, which is downright awful. A little cheesy and funny, at times, but still awful.

I should also mention, without spoiling anything, that this poster to the left completely lies to you, and not just about this being A Perfect Getaway. One of the couples in this movie serve little to absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Granted, they might serve a better purpose if the story and dialog were better, but without those minor little details, they are just wasted space amongst a whole island of pretty obvious hints & clues given to you throughout the first half of the movie. I mean, shame on you David Twohy. You've directed and written better films than this.

Finally, I will just say that towards the end of the film lies one of the worst editing sequences I've seen for a while now. It looks like someone just saw almost every option in Final Cut or Avid, and just decided to go nuts with it. What makes it worse...or maybe better, is that this wacky editing is only used in one sequence. I mean, if you're going to attempt "suspenseful" editing like that, at least do it more than once during the movie. Otherwise, it just looks out of place and completely stupid, which it did. In closing, A Perfect Getaway is not bad enough to warrant a "Sneak Out, I Want My Money Back" rating, but not good enough to warrant a "DVD Rental/Matinée." Instead, I'll make up my own new rating and give this a "Late Night on TV & I've got nothing better to do!" If anything, check it out for the absolutely beautiful shots of Hawaii, which does look like a truly perfect getaway.

Also, to hear out what Josh thought of this movie, be sure to listen to the Podcast.


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