Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Movie Talkback - The Mystery Team comedy short

Who doesn't like film news? I know I do!! So, I've decided to start sharing some of the film news I find interesting on this blog that may or may not make it onto the podcast, or as out listeners know it as Movie Talkback. This will not be a common thing, but I will use these posts to point out things I feel people should check out.

Back in March, Penny and I reviewed an indie movie from The Derrick Comedy Group (a comedy group that made it big on youtube) called The Mystery Team, a movie about a group of teens who solve crimes, like a mix of The Hardy Boys meet Scooby Do. Here's the official synopsis:

Mystery Team is a film about a group of former Encyclopedia Brown-type child-detectives who have yet to grow up and are still solving stupid crimes during senior year of High School. When an 8-year-old hires the team to solve a case of her parents double murder, the Mystery team must face the first adult case in the team’s history…The Derrick comedy group have perfectly captured the feeling of reading an Encyclopedia Brown type mystery on acid.

Penny and I really enjoyed the film- it's funny and cheesy, a movie filled with juvenile and offensive comedy- right up my alley! Yes it wasn't perfect, but The Mystery Team is so very different than the rest of the comedies we've been getting that its a breath of fresh air. Well the film is getting it's worldwide release this October. So to promote the movie, The Derrick Comedy Group premiered a short at this years San Diego Comic Con called The Case of the Haunted Hotel. It's a brand new short featuring the Mystery Team that will give you a taste of what to expect from the upcoming movie. I've included it below, so check it out and enjoy.

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