Friday, August 14, 2009

Second Look- What I Think Of: I Love You Man (2009)

Because of my compulsive nature, I generally watch every movie twice and there are hundreds of movies I've seen over 10 times. That sad fact is just part of my nature, I feel most things in life deserve two chances, so bad or good, I go though the motions again to see if there's anything I missed, any redeeming factor. It goes to show you how bad I think a movie is to not even watch it twice (I mean I've seen Beaches twice for gods sake!!)- like I'll never watch Transformers 2 again, or Hancock, or Repo The Genetic Opera, although sadly I'd probably give 10,000 BC another chance.

So this new part of the blog will be called "Second Look." This will be used for movies that I caught at the theater and then saw for a second time when released on dvd. It's an added feature to the "What I Think Of" part of the blog. So the first Second Look is of: I Love You Man.

This is still a fantastic film. I mean if you want the definition of Bromance, look no further than I Love You Man. The jokes fly out at a great pace, never a hindrance to the story, the acting is superb, and yes, this still does fieel like a Judd Apatow film even though he had nothing to do with it, showing you the power of the man. Rashida Jones is cute and funny as the love interest, Paul Rudd is the new everyman who's hilarious and gets the hot chicks, John Favreau is brilliant in everything he does and Jason Segel is the man period. If you haven't seen his rendition of a Dracula Musical, you are missing out on life! Here's the scene, where Segel plays Dracula's Lament from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Enjoy!!

How great was that?!! But going back to I Love You Man, it's still easily one of the better comedies to come out this year, having it all- bromance, romance, projectial vomiting, Lou Ferrigno, Rush, and of course, Slappin The Bass.

Admittedly, the film still does have all the problems I originally saw in it- some pacing issues, the whole "is Segel a scam artist that feels out of place", the too quick/rushed into ending (even though I love it). Still with all it's faults, I Love You Man was a great relief when we saw it back and reviewed it in March, and yes, it still holds up greatly on a Second Look.

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