Monday, August 17, 2009

Movie Talkback - Quentin Tarantino's Top 20 films since 1992

Why 1992 you ask? Because for QT, that’s when his career started as a filmmaking icon with the release of Reservoir Dogs.

The reason why I love films so much is that for 2 hours of each person’s life, it’s a highly subjective medium. And in QT’s case you can tell he’s a big fan of movies and not just “films.” His list is a lot of fun. There are some that have me scratching my head (I’m a hardcore Woody Allen fan and even can I see Anything Else is the purest of crap) and JSA (really?).

Still, love the Battle Royale pick, love the Team America pick, Dogville is a masterpiece, Unbreakable is just wow (me being a huge comic book geek, this film is every comic geeks masterpiece), Audition still gives me nightmares, and nice seeing Blade and Memories of Murder get some love. As with all lists (mine included) there will always be safe picks because those films are just to good, but I think he picked the best of the safe picks, like Matrix, Fight Club, Speed, Shaun of the Dead, etc.

I must admit though I’m stunned that some films didn’t make his list: Old Boy (especially because of QT’s love for Asian cinema), Saving Private Ryan, Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels, any Pixar film, Braveheart, City of God (a masterpiece of the last 10 years), etc- but again that’s why I love films so much, everyone’s list will be different. Overall though, great list from QT.

Check out the video below and here his passion as he geeks out about his favorite movies.

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