Friday, August 7, 2009

New Movie Releases for the Weekend of 8.07.09

1) Gi Joe: The Rise of Cobra

- an elite covert military group called GI Joe (what does it stand for? You’re better off not knowing) tries to bring down the evil organization Cobra, who appears to be lead by a Scottish arms dealer. This is a very good looking cast of actors, but frankly the film looks like a green screen cgi mess. However, as long as it can provide over the top action without trying to get all plot heavy (ie, the cartoon) then yeah I’m all aboard this live action Team America remake.

2) Julie & Julia

- a story of two Jules, one who taught me how to cook in college, the other, well, fictional. This one’s about a secretary named Julie Powell (Amy Adams) who tries to shake up her life by attempting to cook all 524 recipes from Julie Child’s (Meryl Streep), Mastering the Art of French Cooking cookbook in one year. Julia Child’s will always hold a special place in my heart since she in fact was my cooking instructor in college for a semester. She was always kind and caring, and wow what a wonderful chef, but yeah, this film looks terrible. I hold this up there with the My Sisters Keeper movie, movies released this year that I do not want to see.

3) Shorts: The Adventures of a Wishing Rock

- another kids movie following the Spy Kids trilogy from grindhouse/Desperado director Robert Rodriguez. This one’s about a kid who finds a wishing rock and the chaos it cuases when the evil, selfish adults get their hands on it. I mean yeah, this movie isn’t for me and I’m sure not for you, so let’s just move on.

4) A Perfect Getaway

- this is the of two pairs of lovers on their Hawaiian vacation, who discover a psychopath is killing tourists on the Island. Yeah I know, sounds like every other horror movie, but this one’s a thriller. Every time I see the trailer for this I always ponder, “the question should be not who the murderer is but how did Steve Zahn’s character get Milla Jovovich.

5) Cold Souls

- Penny and I reviewed this movie a few months back about an actor (Paul Giamatti) who feeling drained by his upcoming performance of Anton Chekov’s Vanya, decides to store his soul at a soul storage facility. However when it goes missing, we along with Paul are left to ponder, what are we without our souls? This movie is amazing, like a cross of Woody Allen neurosis with a dash of Charlie Kaufman absurdity. This is easily the best film to be released this week bar none, so if you’re looking for an intelligent and thought provoking film that will make you laugh as much as think, then check out this film.

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