Monday, August 10, 2009

What I Think Of: Gigantic (2009)

This is an odd and little seen quirky indie romantic comedy that came out sometime around April, played for 13 weeks in limited release, made about 102 thousand dollars for its efforts and quickly disappeared. This film has so many holes, so many faults, that you could drive a freight train right though it and come out the other side of China. There's so many plot threads, so many small instances that are peppered throughout the film's entirety that are never answered, causing a feeling similar to frustration more along the lines of, "why did they even put those scenes in the movie" rather than "hey what about those storylines you kept touching on?" Penny believes the film is a short story rather than a full one and I have to completely agree with her.

Yet despite all its faults I loved every minute of this odd film, littered with the type of odd characters that could never exist outside an indie film, the same type of characters and dialogue that lead people to criticize the indie film movement as a whole.

Paul Dano and Zooey Deschanel do a fantastic job here, especially Dano who, while playing a character that is so understated he barely talks, adds so much depth to the character that by the end up of the film you know everything he's about.

Again, this is by no means a good movie and I'm hesitant to even recommend this film since it's not for everyone, but I really did like Gigantic. The directing is nicely done, the scenes rather than the whole of the film a joy to watch. So yeah, check out Gigantic, a film with the unfortunately bad name.

Here's a clip of my favorite scene from the movie, the one I mentioned on the podcast where Dano and Zooey talk about nonsense until the pivotal end moment of the clip:

Wait, am I still dreaming? God damn, I'm awake!! I want to still be in that dream where Zooey propositions me!!

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