Friday, April 9, 2010

Fantastic Short Film Friday - Logorama

You all may remember Joshua's post a few weeks back on Fantastic Short Film Friday on Logorama. Well, this isn't a re-post or a re-tweet. Instead, since I follow @ThatKevinSmith, he sent around the full short for Logorama, which you can view here. Logorama won the 2010 Academy Awards for Best Animated Short.

I've checked it out and as someone who works in advertising there were two things that stood out for me. One, calling this "Logorama" is a bit of a misnomer. All the "logos" you see in this computer animated short are not logos. Some are branding elements of a brand and others are mascots. I know that's a technicality but as a responsible MadMan, I just wanted to point that out. Second, I saw brands here that I have worked with in the past and one a current Client so that's very cool and I'd like to know how the usage rights were handled.

Anyway, I'll put my marketing hat off and say that this is quite an interesting short. Being able to incorporate all those logos and branding elements must have been difficult enough and to do it in such a creative way and weave a story with social commentary attached is quite a feat. This was well done, well thought out, and very creative. And the social commentary regarding consumerism is spot on. It's not preachy or over the top but subtle enough to get the message across.

Enjoy, here's the link again: Logorama

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