Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Addition to the Cinema Cafe Podcast - Book Reviews!!!

Penny and I love books. I mean really love books. My place is just surrounded with hundreds of books, stacked around as they build the fort that is my life. Penny's three great passions are shoes, clothes and books. My three great passions are comics, film and books. So we decided why not add a new "aspect" to the blog. The podcast will still be just about movies. But for anyone who has listened to our podcasts knows, most movies out of Hollywood these days are remakes or adaptations, so when a movie is released that's adapted from a book, we always try to compare and contrast both forms of entertainment. So starting this Wednesday we will have our first book review of hopefully many. Every time I finish a book I'll put up a review of it on the blog, and every time Penny finishes one, hopefully she can do the same. We hope that everyone who reads this blog can share in our love for both films and the written word and we hope everyone enjoys the new addition. Because as I always say, if you don't like books then well, that's probably because you can't read. Enjoy!!!

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