Friday, February 26, 2010

Fantastic Short Film Friday - Logorama (animated)

Part 4 of our 5 part look at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards Nominated Animated Shorts. We're almost done, with one more yet to go, but before we reach the finish line, this week I want to spotlight the animated short, Logoromo by French design collective H5 and directed by Nicolas Schmerkin.

Here's the synopsis of the short from the Oscar nominee's website:

In a world made up entirely of trademarks and brand names, Michelin Man cops pursue a criminal Ronald McDonald.

Basically the animated short fits 2500 logos into a highly entertaining parody of corporate/consumer culture. Out of all the films I've showcased so far I'm most torn about sharing this one since the people who own the rights to the film, Autour de Minuit, have taken the short down on numerous file viewing sites such as Youtube and Vimeo due to copyright issues. While I believe the best thing for these types of shorts is for blogs such as my own to showcase them and get the word out (since I know a very small amount of moviegoers actually watch shorts) I do understand their position. A spokesperson from Autour de Minuit had this to say on the reasoning why they've pulled the short from so many sites, to paraphrase: "this video [Logorama] has been made with more than 2,500 logos of the world top brands and that they never asked the right to use them (which was humanly impossible to do) and more than that, the image of those brands is severly « heckled » so they could be sued by all of them ending in a certain death for that company"

So therefore while I have seen the short and know where to find it, I will only be embedding the trailer of Logorama here. While I know this is a small blog of mine and that very few people take the time to read it, I don't want to add to the filmmakers problems. Take my word for it though, it's very entertaining and funny and when it's finally released commercially (which I feel may be never due to the licensing issues) I will again showcase it here to remind people to check it out. To find out more information on the short go to Logorama's website: here.

So sit back and hopefully the trailer is enough of a cleanser to whet your palate.

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