Friday, April 16, 2010

Fantastic Short Film Friday - The Secret Adventures of the Projectionist

And we are back with another weekly installment in our Fantastic Short Film Friday series, as we look to showcase films released in the "lesser" known form of cinema- the short film. Penny was kind enough to do the past 2 weeks of the series, bringing you some fantastic and better known shorts in the form of Spike Jonze's I'm Here and the Academy Award winning Logorama. This week I want to shine the light on the short, The Secret Adventures of the Projectionist from German filmmaker, Max Sacker.

Here's the synopsis: While setting up a black and white, silent Metropolis-type film, a movie projectionist finds himself pulled into the silver screen becoming the star of a myriad of films as he tries to save the same femme fatale from death in each of the films, only to find himself her unwitting victim. Each "film" clip is an homage to a classic film, so anyone who has watched a lot of movies will no doubt get even more pleasure from this short as they piece what scenes and what dialogue each clip is referencing.

I couldn't find out much more about the short so there will be no link to the filmmakers site, but The Secret Adventures of the Projectionist is a wonderful ode to cinematic history, with fantastic use of color and black and white. While short, its a lot of fun, the music is great, the cinematography beautiful and it definitely deserves whatever awards it may have won. Even better is that there are two versions of the short, the regular version and then one with an alternate ending and a behind the scenes look at the short. I am including both, with the shorter regular version first. Seriously, check these shorts out. They're are lot of fun and it's just these types of short films that keep me loving the short form of cinema. Enjoy.

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Zelluloidjunkie said...

As far as short film goes this was the most cinematic experience I've had in a long time. Thanks for posting!