Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trailer Talk - Sex and the City 2

So I stumbled onto the Sex and the City 2 trailer yesterday on one of my fashion sites and I was stunned I hadn't see it yet. I love the opening with Jay-Z / Alicia Keyes' "Empire State of Mind" playing in the background. Seeing Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda brought so back so much joy. Sex and the City (SATC) was just one of those shows that you remember every episode and detail. And if you listen to the show, you know I'm not the overly girly type but when it comes to SATC, my knees buckle. The fashion, the girl power, and the humor were all reasons why I was attracted to the show. And the occasional man candy. I loved the characters no matter how flawed they were, that's what made them real in an unreal world. I saw the SATC movie last year, and I'll be seeing the new one this year. My only concern is, what will this movie be about?

I think the fashion and the characters are enough to get me there but I really hope there is some semblance of a story line. There's lots of clips of clothes, vacation(?) scenes but no story but then again, that always seems to be top secret. Enjoy the trailer.

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