Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Leftovers - John Travolta Still Sings!! Covers "Every Little Step"

Remember when John Travolta used to sing, crooning into Olivia Newton-John's eyes? Just good old-fashioned family fun. Well, looks like Travolta is no longer content with having duets with women his own age. First there was the weirdly creepy (I don't know, maybe it's his goatee) almost love song between Travolta and Miley Cyrus for the Bolt soundtrack called,"I Thought I Lost You." Now comes a new duet with his 9-year old daughter Ella Bleu as they cover Bobby Brown's 1988 hit "Every Little Step" making a music video for his newest movie Old Dogs.

I have to admit, the man still has his moves, and his cover isn't terrible, it's just a tad creepy as Travolta dances around with this Chris Hanson type smile with his daughter... I guess the best word to describe the music video is awkward. Still I don't know what's worst about the video, the fact that Travolta dances around his daughter as the camera gets crotch shots of him and his daughter looks longingly into his eyes asking him to come away to her world, or the fact that the video contains clips of the movie Old Dogs. You be the judge.

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