Friday, January 15, 2010

Fantastic Short Film Friday - Tarboy (animation)

Hi everyone!! Since I started to update this blog regularly with film news, reviews and whatever else catches my fancy, I wanted to dedicate at least one post each week to a type of filmmaking that I feel is sorrily overlooked: the short film.

I've always enjoyed watching short films, but it's always been hard to see many of them since they generally only play at small film festivals. Thankfully with the advent of such things as Youtube, it's been much easier to find short films. However, there's so many to sift through that I'm often asked which one's are good because I can honestly say this, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, "a bad short film is the most brutal of tortures. Even though they may appear short, some make it feel like you've been sitting there for hours begging to get away."

So each Friday I will be shedding light on a short film that I feel is worth a look, or as it'll be known as, Fantastic Short Film Friday. Last Fridays short, Sebastian's Voodoo was the first spotlight of the Cinema Cafe's Podcast new feature.

This week I want to spotlight an animated short film called Tarboy. I've been unable to find out much information about the short, but I do believe it's directed and animated by James Lee with music by Hania Lee. It's a fun short about discarded robot souls found form and the revenge they take on their evil oppressors. I love the almost cut-out, black paper, deeply shadowed art deco minimalistic animation of this feature and I absolutely love the soundtrack. So just sit back and enjoy. If you want more information on Tarboy you can check out: here.

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