Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Movie Talkback - Invaders To Appear In Joe Johnsons Upcoming Captain America Movie

Captain America

There's been a lot of new Captain America news hitting the web this past week. Director Joe Johnston has confirmed that The Invaders a WWII superteam that Cap and Bucky are a part of, will be in the upcoming The First Avenger: Captain America movie. In fact according to Johnson, "they'll be in the entire second half." It was rumored last year that The Invaders might make an appearance but now we know they're officially involved. So what does this all mean and who the hell are The Invaders? Just one of the best damn superhero teams ever!

The Invaders are a group of WWII superheroes that were first brought together in 1969 (Avengers Vol.1 #71) by writer Roy Thomas and artist Sal Buscema . In addition to Cap and Bucky, they're made up of other various characters like the original android Human Torch, the Torch's sidekick Toro, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and many others that were added later on, but it's the original 5 that form the core of The Invaders. Johnson also confirmed that The Invaders will have six members, which means the sixth member could either be Union Jack, Spitfire, or the Silver Scorpion.

I'm glad we're starting to hear more about the upcoming The First Avenger: Captain America movie. Looks like Marvel are staying true to their roots, having the first Captain America story set in WWII and battling Nazi's and the Red Skull, which will then lead into the present day and the upcoming Avengers movie. Captain America has always been my favorite comic book character of all time and I just might have a heart attack when he's first introduced on the silver screen. It's good to be alive.

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