Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trailer Talkback Thursday - The Amazing Spider-Man

Welcome to another Trailer Talkback Thursday, in which I take a look at a trailer and give my thoughts about it. For today's Trailer Talkback Thursday, lets take a look at the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man.

I saw this again when I took my Dad to see Captain America earlier this week, and he had the exact same reaction that I've seen a lot of people have when viewing this trailer, that being that they're doing his origin story again. If anything, judging by this trailer, it seems that the movie focuses heavily on his origin, which in all honesty kind of worries me. A lot of people have voiced the same concern about them doing the origin story again, as the last Spider-Man movies are still fresh in their mind.

Don't get me wrong, I think the casting of this movie looks pretty phenomenal. I like the fact that it looks like he has his web shooters back. The new take on the suit looks interesting, but I have to see more of it before I can judge it further. Personally, I hope that our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man jokes more and delivers more quips when fighting the forces of evil. I understand that Sony wants to keep the movie license, and I think they've done more justice to Spidey than say Fox has with the FF, however I just hope they don't just phone this movie's story in for a quick buck. Either way, next year we'll be web swinging along once again.


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