Friday, August 5, 2011

Fantastic Short Film Friday - Lifeline (animated)

And we are back with another installment in our Fantastic Short Film Friday series, as we continue to showcase films released in the "lesser" known form of cinema- the short film.

This week we have for you a beautifully animated piece, a short that says more about longing and loss, of deep held desires and the eternal pursuit for the one who got away then most long-form works of cinema. Here is a 6-minute animated drama called, Lifeline from filmmaker, Andreas Salaff. This short utilizes stunning hand-drawn animation that reminds me of many of the classic Czech poster works of the 60's and 70's who's style is so prevalent in French animated cinema today and of course of American animator Bill Plympton.

The film follows a lonely elderly scientist who uses one of his inventions to search through various times (dimensions, worlds?) for his long lost love. It’s set in a dystopian 70′s-era future and what makes this short really work is that there’s a bittersweet ending that leaves more questions than answers on the final shot.

Check this out if you're in the mood to see some high quality animated short film making that will leave you thinking for days to come. It's somber, beautiful, uplifting and heartbreaking all at the same time. This is some stunning work that needs to be seen. Enjoy this weeks dose of short form goodness in, Lifeline.

Lifeline from Andres Salaff on Vimeo.

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