Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trailer Talkback Thursday - Footloose

Today marks the first day of what I like to call Trailer Talkback Thursday, just a small showing of a movie trailer that I will discuss my feelings about. For the debut of Trailer Talkback Thursday, I have chosen the trailer for the upcoming remake of Footloose.

Words really do escape me as I view this trailer, and not in the good way. I really don't know who was calling for a remake of Footloose, especially a Kevin Bacon-less remake at that, but this looks simply dreadful. Because teens die in what looks like a car accident, public dancing is banned. I need to repeat this in case you didn't read it correctly, but a car accident leads to public dancing being banned in a town. Again, I'm speechless. How does that even happen? How can this kind of law be enforced?

I don't even feel a need to go into how predictable this movie looks based on the trailer alone, but what I find sad about it is that from what I can see, the only reason it is even called Footloose to begin with is just to attach the name to it for sheer marketing purposes. Something tells me Kevin Bacon will make an appearance somewhere, but I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't. I guess what truly scares me above all else with this trailer is that the movie looks so insane, so ridiculously bad, that I might want to see it based on that alone. Sometimes I hate my Mystery Science Theater 3000 upbringing.


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