Monday, May 18, 2009

What I Think Of: Fanboys (2009)

This story about a group of friends that try to sneak into Skywalker Ranch in order to get a early peek at Star Wars Phantom Menace before their friend passes away from cancer, has as much an odd journey of being released as its premise that people want to see a movie about characters trying to see an early copy of a movie that came out a decade ago. Weinstein Co edited a new print of Fanboys without the cancer subplot, but eventually the filmmakers won and kept it in, then it was supposed to released back in 2007, and yada yada yada, its finally nice to see this film get a release even if its not entirely a successful watch. You really have to love Star Wars and really have to understand the ins and outs of fandom to get a full appreaciation for this movie, but with that said, that's fine since that's what the filmmakers were going for. Still, I just can't get past the fact that this is about a movie that came out a decade ago that wasnt even any good- even diehards disliked it and that's saying a lot. If you want to watch a better look at Star Wars fandom, check out Triumph the Insult Dog's interview with Star Wars geeks outside of the Ziegfeld theater in NY. Now tha's pricelss.

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