Friday, May 1, 2009

New Movie Releases for the Weekend of 5.01.09

1) Battle for Terra

- I won’t blame you if you’ve never heard of this one since I’ve only seen this trailer once and it was during a screening of Race to Witch Mountain. This is from a visual effects director that has only ever directed video games, but this story about how humans are the enemy trying to take over a peaceful alien planet really intrigues me. Evidently since its debut at the Toronto Film Festival back in 2007, it’s built up a lot of positive word of mouth, so could be good.

2) Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

- this movie starring Matthew McConaughey as a womanizing bachelor (seriously, does he play any other role) who gets visited by ghosts that show him his romantic past, looks terrible, and I don’t say that lightly. I mean this looks like the worst movie McConaughey has ever done and that’s saying a lot especially after last year’s Fool’s Gold. The only hope is that this is from the director of Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and Just Like Heaven so he knows his chick flicks.

3) X-Men Origins Wolverine

- okay, now it feels like Summer because the first summer blockbuster movie has come out. I’m getting all jittery thinking of the greatness to come for us movie lovers. Anyway, yeah this movie has gotten a lot of controversy since a copy of the original cut pre special effects was leaked onto the internet. Seriously though, who cares about that because the trailers for this movie look terrible. My only solace is that it’s from fantastic indie drama director Gavin Hood, although that makes me wonder, why the hell is he doing a summer X-Men movie?

4) The Limits of Control

- I’m a big Jim Jarmusch fan although I think his last movie, 2005’s Broken Flowers was a slight step back. However, this one about a mysterious loner who exists outside the law and is trying to complete his current job (whatever it is) sounds amazing. A low-key crime film from Jarmusch? Yes please! I’m pretty sure this will easily be the best movie to come out this week.

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