Sunday, April 5, 2009

What I Think Of: Futurama - Into the Wild Green Yonder (2009)

This is the fourth and last of the Futurama direct to dvd movies, with all four movies comprising Season 5 of the series. For those that don't know, Futurama is a Matt Groening created Fox television show that was put on Sundays after football. However, when football ran long, the episode would be moved to a later date and no one ever knew when it would air. Eventually do to erratic airing dates and poor ratings, the show was canceled. Anyway, everyone complained and Fox commisioned these four movies. Frankly I have never thought much of these movies, but this is a nice bookend to the series. Being a big fan myself, I've always felt that the last television episode, The Devils Hands Are Idle Playthings was the perfect way to end the series, but I do like the final moment of this dvd. So yeah, if this dvd sells well then Futurama has a chance of making it back on the air and as I always say, any Futurama is better than no Futurama. Check it out.

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