Friday, April 17, 2009

New Movie Releases for the Weekend of 4.17.09

1) State of Play

- this one has a pretty impressive group behind it, director Kevin MacDonald (from Last King of Scotland), Russell Crowe, Helen Mirren, even Rachel McAdams. The only reason I’m not more pumped about this movie is because Ben Affleck is one of the leads and frankly I can’t stand the sight of him. He’s only ever been good in one movie, Smoking Aces, and that’s because he ends up eating it in one of the best death scenes at the beginning of the movie. This one’s about conspiracies surrounding a rising politician (Ben Affleck) who’s assistant/mistress ends up murdered, and as secrets leak out, it’s up to ace reporter (Russell Crowe) to uncover the truth. My only hope is that Ben Affleck is actually evil in this movie and gets his just desserts, but the trailer promises that isn’t the case.

2) Crank: High Voltage

- now this, the sequel to 2006’s Crank, is one movie I’ve been getting really excited about. If anyone has seen Crank, you know what to expect from this one – just hyper-visualized, non-stop action that will leave even the most hardcore of fans confused and screaming for more. This one see’s Jason Statham back as Chev Chelios, whose indestructible heart gets taken out of him and replaced by a crap mechanical heart that needs a constant stream of electricity to keep working. Chev needs to track down his heart, get it put back in him and hopefully run around without his shirt.

3) 17 Again

- this one stars Zac Efron as a man who has lived a lifetime of regrets and somehow reverts to his 17 year-old self. Matthew Perry plays the 40 year-old version and all I’ll say to Efron is, man you really let yourself go. I never understood these body-switching comedies. At least he’s not trading places with his son I guess.

4) Every Little Step

- a very intriguing documentary that follows a group of dancers as they audition for the Broadway revival of The Chorus Line. Evidently this is supposed to be quite good for both musical and non-musical fans. Check this one out in limited release.

5) Is Anybody There

- only in limited release in NY and LA, this one’s about a 10-year old boy who grows up in an elderly care facility run by his parents and who befriends an aging magician played by Michael Caine. I haven’t heard much about this film, but evidently it’s supposed to be Caine’s best performance, which is saying a lot, and stars the really bratty religious kid from Son of Rambow.

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