Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Movie Releases for the Weekend of 4.10.09

1) Hannah Montana: The Movie

- looking at the trailers and buzz surrounding this movie, it may be that Miley Cyrus will finally be hanging up her alter-ego and moving onto a new chapter in her life. Thank god. I’m not even a tween, I don’t know any tweens, and yet I come in contact with Miley Cyrus nearly every time I turn on the radio or watch some tv. This one’s basically about how when the rise in popularity of Hannah Montana begins to take over Miley’s life, she travels back home with her father to Tennessee to get some perspective on the things that matter most.

2) Observe and Report

- this one’s about a bi-polar mall cop (played by Seth Rogen) who sees a chance for new meaning in life when a flasher tries to turn the mall into his own personal peep-show and it’s up to Seth Rogen to stop him. I’m in the minority here, but I didn’t like director’s Jody Hill’s first film, Foot Fist Way, about a loser karate instructor. But this one sounds fantastic. Early word is that this is a truly messed up dark comedy, which is right up my alley. And hey, it’s got Anna Faris in it and she’s hot. Perhaps Pineapple Express meets Paul Blart?

3) Dragonball: Evolution

- a live action Hollywood version on what is essentially the most popular manga and anime of all time. Ever since pictures first leaked from the shoot of this film, fanboys have been in an uproar. However any publicity is good publicity right? This one’s about a young martial artist who must collect the seven Dragonball’s in order to stop an evil martial arts demon from destroying the planet. This movie will be a complete bomb.

See this. I'm serious, if you see one movie this week, support this movie. It's not only one of the best rock and roll documentaries, but one of the best documentaries period. This is just one of the most heartwarming, tragic and funny documentaries ever. Again, you owe it to yourself to see this one.

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