Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Movie Releases for the Weekend of 4.24.09

1) Obsessed

- a Beyonce movie where she doesn’t sing? What’s going on? This one’s about a successful business man with a beautiful wife (played by Beyonce) who gets stalked by Ali Larter. So essentially, this movie is about living the dream. I have no idea why this thriller got made, but well, the world has to deal with it now.

2) Earth

- this trailer for a documentary that follows the migration path of four families of animals and their plight to survive has been playing a lot and every time I see it I feel as if I’ve already seen the whole movie. That’s because if you’ve watched BBC’s Planet Earth tv series, this is basically a condensed version of it, except now the voice over is no longer of Patrick Stewart but of James Earl Jones.

3) The Soloist

- from Atonement director Joe Wright comes this this based on a true story about a brilliant but troubled and homeless musician (played by Jamie Foxx) and a LA reporter (played by Robert Downy Jr.) who befriends him. This was supposed to come out last October but got pushed back, probably because the field was too crowded, but yeah, an early feel good movie.

4) Fighting

- I have to admit, I really want to see this cheesy movie starring Channing Tatum and Terrance Howard about the underground world of bare knuckle fighting. I’m a really big fan of Mixed Martial Arts, so much so that I try to follow every single fight here in the States and overseas, so I’ll watch any movie that’s about MMA, but yeah this looks like a lesser Rocky and that could still be good.

5) Tyson

- a documentary that played at this year’s Sundance about the life and times of former Heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson. I’m a big sports nuts and I grew up watching Mike Tyson, so it always saddens me when I think back on Tyson’s fall from grace and he brought all on himself. Many are saying this is one of the best documentaries of the year, so I’m eager to see this.

6) Mutant Chronicles

- this movie about a futuristic soldier that fights to save the Earth from a mutant plague, came out in the UK and Canada last year, and well, it has an interesting cast (Ron Perlman, John Malkovich, Thomas Jane, Devon Aoki) and looks somewhat exciting. However, reviews say it’s dreadful, and this is going to premiere on the SCi-Fi channel soon after the theatrical release, so that should tell you something.

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