Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Leftovers - Football Season is Here!!!!

Wow, it's been forever since I did a "leftovers" segment (the part where I talk about stuff not necessarily movie related) on the show and the first time I'm going one for the blog. What could prompt me to bring the segment out of retirement? Well, it's time for a very special part of the year, a season I long for with bated breath, going into near drug withdrawal symptoms when it's over. Yes, it's time... it's FOOTBALL SEASON!!! Time for barbecues, time for Fantasy football, time for my NY Jets to disappoint me yet again, as I go into week long coma's waiting for Sunday to role around.

But the reason why I bring all of this up is because of a fantastic video from The Onion, America's finest fake news source. It's a video all about the Detroit Lions, the only football team in the modern era of the NFL to go win-less during a season, striking a blinding 0-16 to the sports gods themselves. Just some backstory about the NFL: every year many of the professional football players participate in mentoring programs, going down to the inner cities and spending times with kids less fortunate, trying to be proactive role models, someone the kids can look up to as they grow up in a harsh world. Well The Onion video has the NFL players mentoring the Detroit Lions players who are so excited to meet some of their "favorite" professional players, because well, after going 0-16, they are anything but professional. It's funny, hilarious, and sadly, oh so true. So sit back and enjoy because tomorrow, September 10th, brings an end to all our suffering, yes it's Football time!!!

NFL Players Mentor Troubled Detroit Lions

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