Monday, June 29, 2009

What I Think Of: Year One (2009)

If I had to sum up this movie in one word, the word would be: unacceptable. This film is so ungodly bad, yet there's something in its inherent badness that makes me think Year One is borderline genius. There's a lot about this film that's unacceptable- the plot, the dialogue, the way the scenes are constructed, the editing, the way I think this might somehow be brilliant, and yet there were times where I was besides myself with laughter, head in my hands wondering "how the hell did this get made?" That's why I think this will eventually be a cult film. It's so awful that there will be a contingency of people that will flock to this film, just like there are people who flock and love Repo The Genetic Opera even though that film is unwatchable (I was about to say nearly unwatchable, but there's nothing in that film that can pass as watchable). So yeah, here's the worst comedy of 2009, a film that might somehow be brilliant, one that'll make you wish you were living in 1AD, a time before the advent of movies so you wouldn't have had to have seen this, well, unacceptable film.

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