Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Movie Releases for the Weekend of 6.19.09

1) Year One

- Bringing back 2/3rd’s of the Superbad crew, and directed by Harold Ramis, the man who brought us Groundhog Day, Caddyshack and Multiplicity comes this comedy about two hunter gathers (played by Jack Black and Michael Cera) who are banished by their primitive tribe and travel on an epic journey though the ancient world. Frankly this looks terrible, juvenile and stupid, and I cannot wait to see it. I don’t know how long Cera can keep acting the same character in every film but as long as he does I’ll be watching his films.

2) The Proposal

- The tagline says it all: Here comes the bribe. Gold!! I like Sandra Bullock chick flicks as much as the next guy, although they tend to be pretty mediocre, but any excuse to see her back onscreen doing a chick flick gets a thumbs up pick from me. This rom-com sees Bullock’s publishing exec forcing her assistant (played by Ryan Reynolds) to marry her so she won’t be deported back to Canada (the film acting like it’s Mexico or something). Poor Bullock having to marry hunky Deadpool. Another movie that looks terrible, this one terrible because it looks the most generic of by the number movies, yet as always with this genre, one I am looking forward to seeing.

3) Whatever Works

- Finally the new Woody Allen move gets its wide release. This one sees everyone’s bald headed Curb Your Enthusiasm funny man Larry David as an eccentric old man who meets a southern belle played by Evan Rachel Wood and quickly falls in love. But how will their families, friends, and age gap mix? A classic Woody character being old and getting all the young chicks. This Woody script has been floating around since the 70’s, so I expect it to be and hear that it is, vintage Woody and well, that’s music to my ears from one of my favorite directors.

4) Food Inc

- A documentary with a hard look inside the American big business controlled food industry and it’s trickle down effects on the country’s farmers and health of its citizens. Basically a look at how most Americans are fat. It’s scary and I get it- look at my last two guest hosts. Still, I hear this may be even better than Moore’s upcoming documentary on America’s food culture so this one could be quite good, or at the very least interesting. Check this out in limited release.

5) Dead Snow

- I previously reviewed this Norwegian horror film, about a group of snowbound youngsters who find themselves up against, and if these two words don’t sell you on the film nothing will, Nazi Zombie’s. Really need I say more? It’s fun, gory, dumb, and again has Nazi Zombie’s. Check this out in very limited release. Nazi Zombie’s!!

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