Sunday, March 29, 2009

Episode 25: Monsters vs. Aliens and Sin Nombre

Hello there and welcome to the 25th episode of the Cinema Cafe Podcast: the new weekly film podcast by the fans, for the fans. Each week we will review new movies releases, dvd reviews, talk some film news and share our general love for all things cinema. The main goal is to have some fun and hopefully provide the listener with some helpful insight. This week we have a treat: a look at 2 movies that have been recently released. With that said here's a look at what we discuss on this weeks podcast:

* Monsters vs. Aliens
* Sin Nombre
* A quick look at the 2009 romantic comedy Renee Zellwegger starring snooze-fest, New In Town and of 2002's sci-fi remake adaptation, The Time Machine.
* DVD Review of the 2009 Watchmen companion piece, Tales of the Black Freighter and of the 2007 Edith Piaf Oscar Winning French biopic, La Vie En Rose.
* A look at the films that inspired the Monsters from Monsters vs. Aliens.
* Upcoming movie releases for the weekend of 4.03.09

Also, film news and more, only on the Cinema Cafe Podcast. We hope you enjoy and happy movie watching.

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