Friday, September 7, 2012

Fantastic Short Film Friday - The Guilt (live-action)

And we are back with another installment in our Fantastic Short Film Friday series, as we continue to showcase films released in the "lesser" known form of cinema- the short film.

It's time for another amazing short film for all you short film lovers out there. Talk about intense. This is one short that will have you gasping for air, dancing on the edge of your seat as you finally take a breath and feel as if you've run a marathon. This is how you make a compact and deeply felt thriller. Here is the 13-minute Spanish short The Guilt from filmmaker David Victori.

Here's the synopsis:

After the murder of Leo's wife a single idea circles endlessly within his head: revenge.

This piece is just stunning. Winner of Youtube's "Your Festival Film Festival" as well as the insane prize of $500,000 from Scott Free (the production company of Ridley and Tony Scott) and the airline Emirates. $500,000! How crazy is that? This is one polished short, one that felt like it could have been directed by the late and great action director Tony Scott. This one's all about the revenge and the age old truism that revenge begets more heartbreak. Mixing beautiful set designs a la MC Escher style, fantastic acting and a nail biting score, the short just screams watch me. Director David Victori is one to watch for. I can easily imagine him releasing soon an amazing movie in the vein of Tell No One and Sleepless Nights.

Check this out if you want to see how thrilling 13-minutes of your life can be. Check this out if you want to see a pulse-pounding foreign short that will leave your mind spinning like after a Twilight Zone episode. Enjoy this weeks dose of short film goodness with, The Gift.

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