Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trailer Talkback Thursday - The Muppets

Welcome to another Trailer Talkback Thursday here at the Cinema Cafe Podcast. Today I will be looking at one of the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppetational trailer to grace our presence, the trailer for The Muppets.

To this day I will always make the argument that the original Muppets Show is the greatest family show ever. The Muppets were always for everyone, with some jokes only adults would get and talking, moving puppets which would always keep kids entertained. Now they are trying to make a comeback in this upcoming movie, and while a part of me might be nervous because there hasn't been a good Muppets movie in a while, the Muppets fan in me is very excited.

My excitement could be in part because I'm such a huge fan of both Jason Segel & Amy Adams. Another reason I'm also excited is because of how the Muppets have been doing on the internet lately, with their videos here and there on YouTube, which has shown me that the humor that makes the Muppets so lovable is still there. Also, I believe that Segel is a huge Muppets fan and has done everything in his power to make this work. Well soon, it will be time to play the music and light the lights. We can all hope it's for the better.


P.S. - I leave you with this to prove that the humor is still there.

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