Friday, October 21, 2011

Fantastic Short Film Friday - Thrush (live-action)

And we are back with another installment in our Fantastic Short Film Friday series, as we continue to showcase films released in the "lesser" known form of cinema- the short film.

This week we have for you a mixed media look at heart-break and loss told through a series of photographic snapshots. Here is a 4-minute called, Thrush from filmmaker, Gabriel Bisset Smith. I'm a big fan of the experimental side of filmmaking, where filmmakers try to tell their narratives in different ways then the traditional norm, and this short shows how even a simple story can feel new if told in different ways.

Simply put, this is the story of a two people who find they aren't meant to be together and the different ways each of them deals with moving on.

This one's just a lot of fun. Again, it's a story we've seen hundreds of times, even lived through I'm sure once or twice throughout our lives, but by having the narrative told through a series of snapshots, it adds a different layer to the story, a layer that transforms the norm into something special.

Check this out if you've ever had your heart broken and found yourself trying to move on but unable to do so. Check this out if like yourself some mix media and are looking for something a bit different. Enjoy this weeks dose of short film goodness in, Thrush.

Thrush from Gabriel Bisset-Smith on Vimeo.

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