Thursday, July 8, 2010

Issue Project Room: Steve Buscemi

About a month ago, Joshua and I were invited to an event held by the Issue Project Room, an organization that provides an open and versatile environment in which established and emerging artists conduct, exhibit and perform new and site-specific work without barriers. The event was Actor as Auteur, a brunch time conversation with Steve Buscemi with John Hockenberry as the interviewer and it was held at Bussaco restaurant in Brooklyn.

It was a great event with good food, good company, and a fascinating look at Steve Buscemi's work. I've always have been a fan of Buscemi's but I realized that I haven't seen a lot of his work and I'll have to change that. John Hockenberry was a great co-host and interviewer, as anyone would expect. He was funny and engaging while keeping the flow of the interview.

It was great to see these two successful individuals at this event remembering their roots and supporting the arts for an organization like the Issue Project Room. If you want to donate, please visit here.

Special thanks to Treva and Steve.

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