Sunday, December 27, 2009

Movie Talkback - Cinema 2009

So last year, a man by the name of Kees van Dijkhuizen uploaded a video on youtube that celebrated the year of movies in 2008, showing clips from movies played over a fantastic soundtrack. Well Mr. Kees van Dijkhuizen is back and frankly has outdid himself with his new video, a celebration of Cinema 2009.

What I like so much about the video and the job that Kees van Dijkhuizen has done is that it has clips from every kind of movie (good or bad, indie or blockbuster), and like a movie or not, the video really expresses the joy it is to be a moviegoer, the joy of watching a film and finding anew something you love, something with the power to transfix you.

So to Mr. Kees van Dijkhuizen, we here at the Cinema Cafe Podcast salute you and thank you for your efforts. You are a man among men, a movie lover among movie lovers and it was a pleasure to see your work.

Sit back and enjoy the video, a celebration of Cinema 2009...


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